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New York State Ten Year Capital Plan

New York is the Empire State – 19.5 million people, a $1.2 trillion economy that is the third largest within the United States, and would be the 15th largest economy in the world if New York State were its own country. With its size and scope, New York is complex, and often opaque. In her role as Executive Director of the New York Works Task Force, Tobin oversaw the creation of a tool to assess New York State’s annual capital investments in its infrastructure – a total of as much as $20 billion each year by 47 agencies and authorities.

Tobin’s Achievements

  • Coordinated the 47 State agencies and authorities responsible for all the capital investment in New York State.
  • Worked with the Division of Budget to generate a master key for understanding and tracking all spending across a sprawling bureaucracy.
  • The Sector investments include: Transportation (65%), Environment (4.1%), Education (9.7%), Social Services and Public Health (12%), Energy (4.2%), Development Projects (2.5%), Public Safety (2.0%), and General Government (0.5%).
  • The Sector analysis enabled all the agencies and authorities in each Sector to coordinate and rationalize investments. In Transportation alone there are 15 agencies and authorities around the State focused on roads, bridges, rails, and mass transit.
  • Three major investment categories were identified: State of Good Repair, Capacity Optimization, and Transformational Initiatives.
  • Enabled analytical basis for weighing investment alternatives and maximizing the impact of State spending.